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Problems concerning uploaded file names have been detected since many secretaries have not observed the caveats as to file names.

File Names for Uploads

Please take care as far as the file name for upload is concerned.

Many browsers do not support special characters or spaces.

The file name should not include spaces or special characters. ( #,$, &, §,' ', ü,ö,ä,a`, ß, etc).

Only ASCII characters should be used.

You may be able to upload the file but the browser download does not take place.

You get a 404 error.

I suggest that you replace Spaces with the Underscore character.

Eg: Instead of : Muenster Lodge #831- Monthly-Report-2018-02.pdf

Please use: Muenster_Lodge_No_831-Monthly-Report-2018-02.pdf.

Observe that there are no spaces or special characters.

It would be a good idea to upload a file, then try to download it.

If the download does not function then check the file name. You have used probably used the wrong file name.